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ioPSYte® offers structured curriculum or a’ la carte training based on needs.

Communication & Conflict (Comms100): A training designed to teach psychological theories intertwined with communication in general along with the mechanics of communication such as paralanguage. Typically, a one-day training depending on group dynamics.

Communication & Conflict (Comms200): This training incorporates all the material trained in psyComms100 but in a behavioral workshop format. It is designed for teams to gain additional proficiency with the principles in psyComms100 by practicing and rating performance. Typically, a one-half day to one-day training dependent on group dynamics.


Leadership (Lead100.1-13): Learn the most established theories and views on leadership. Trainees can expect to come away from this training with a thematic approach to leadership which can be tailored to their personality, a leader archetype. Includes psyFTLead100 which can be utilized as a brief but rapid subset onboarding for those who are new to leadership. This course is comprised of 13 one-hour sessions. Rather than teach summarized leadership behaviors, these sessions teach the "why" behind leadership. This is typically a one-on-one coaching format but can be applied in group settings.

Customer Service (CServ100/200): This training introduces team members to the concepts of task-based and contextual performance. It puts the customer service person in the customer's mind. The second half (200) contains practice exercises. It is a one-half to one-day training dependent on group dynamics.

Email & Calendaring (ECal100): This training entails the psychology of salience and the thought behavior cycle. It depicts the key characteristics of a sound execution method to "Get Things Done". In addition, the training utilizes Microsoft Outlook Inbox and Calendar to demonstrate how to make an execution method practical in daily software use. While Outlook is used as example, the training entails adapting software to meet individual needs for execution verses a tool-centric approach. Trainees can expect to come away with knowledge to design, refine, and maintain their execution method and ability to get things done. This training requires 2 hours.

Goals, Time, & Framing (Go100): This training examines the structure and psychological elements of setting quality driven goals. It incorporates a practical method for acquiring goals and includes insight from Dr. Denny’s research. This training requires 2 hours.


Performance Management System (PMSys100): Includes in depth training for leadership and a trimmed overview for team members. Explore the evidence-based parameters that provide for a high performing environment incorporating both people and process into a collaborative system. It is a one-half to one-day training dependent on group dynamics.

Performance Management System (PMSys200): This training teaches leaders the necessary leadership behaviors required to produce successful results for their teams by driving awareness of bias and the practice of scientific coaching technique. It is a way for leaders to inoculate themselves for stressful interpersonal interactions and to promote strong interpersonal skills.

Strategic Training (Trai100): This training is purposed to teach the scientific principles of training which produce results. It adheres to the ADDIE principles for confidence building and transfer of learning. It requires one to two hours.

Virtuality Training (Virt100): Introduces teams to researched job satisfaction variables and the correlation with job performance before synthesizing them into virtuality. Virtuality is a term for teams who work using technology across boundaries of time, geography, and culture. This training removes the mystery of remote work and performance. It is a two-to-four-hour training depending on group dynamics.

Work/Non-Work Interface (WinWI100): This course is an innovative approach to managing life domains and provides for a more intuitive and realistic method for managing life domains. The course reveals the weaknesses in traditional mindsets regarding work-life "balance" and "blend" terminology. It requires one to two hours.

*ioPSYte® trainees receive a unique ID and certificate of achievement for each achieved training. Unique ioPSYTe® ID and certificates follow the individual.

Please watch for these additional training courses currently in queue for 2024:

·        The Scientific Interview (psySInt100)

·        Increasing Psychological Capital (psyCap100)

·        Strategic-Execution Gap (psySeg100)