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“ioPSYte® Team Member & Growth Advocates”
“ioPSYte® Team Member & Growth Advocates”

“ioPSYte® Team Member & Growth Advocates”

ioPSYte® Intro

ioPSYte® is a fast growth Colorado company with nation-wide trajectory. ioPSYte® integrates the science of work psychology and people in strategic partnership using evidence-based Training, Consulting, and Research. The result is potent profitability through long-term work happiness, increased performance, and maximum productivity.



100% Monthly Recurring Commission



The ioPSYte® philosophy is the creation and maintenance of lifetime organization value and rich relationship with our Team Members, Clients, Vendors, and Power Partners for greater profitability, the result of implementing and refining evidence-based work structures and training.

ioPSYte® seeks two intrinsically motivated, high executing Team Members to join in this rapid trajectory as fast-growth advocates. As Team Members and Growth Advocates these persons will educate the national marketplace to the value of evidence-based structures and behaviors, adding additional clients to our client-member model.

ioPSYte® Growth Advocates are more than salespersons, they participate in our long-term partnership philosophy, benefiting as Team Members from our fast growth. These positions are 100% commission-based and here is why . . . with quality person-ioPSYte® fit, Growth Advocates possess potential to become ioPSYte®’s premier earners.


Skills and Abilities Inclusion Criteria

ioPSYte® Team Member candidates are adept at the following skills and abilities.

-         Create and sustain an organized approach to their work.

-         Work intensely, persevere, and rebound from setbacks.

-         Provide materials and communications to clients and prospects containing few to zero errors.

-         Quickly and carefully navigate client and prospect needs and relationships through delivery of cyclic, on-time, excellent interaction.

-         Work cooperatively with Team and Clients while maintaining open and healthy communication channels, showing willingness to contribute to Team goals and serve other Team Members.

-         Feel energized interacting with both Team Members, Clients, and Prospects for 65% - 75% of the workday.

-         Present a professional presence and professional experience in all interactions.

-         Successfully engage in interpersonal conflict, whether it is Team or Client related.

-         Provide professional presentations sharing ioPSYte® materials and philosophy for individuals and groups.

-         Express authentic empathy for Team Members and Clients.


Knowledge and Other Inclusion Criteria

-         Engage in reasonable amounts of business travel as necessary.

-         Show dedication to ongoing professional knowledge, measurable achievement, and skill development.

-         Have experience using video conferencing (Zoom & Microsoft Teams), webinar facilitation, and Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Visio. Strong Excel and PowerPoint skills are a plus.

-         Be a current United States Citizen.

-         Have a valid United States Driver’s License.

-         United States is candidate’s primary residence.

-         Participate in both remote and in-person interactions consistently.

-         Possess a passion for psychology and helping others.

-         Undergraduate or Associates degree in a psychology related field is a plus.

-         Sales pipeline experience is a plus.


Proximal Benefits

-         These 2 openings are high opportunity and low risk. They provide a way to rapidly build recurring income with reasonable effort to impact ratios.

-         Access to immediate personal and professional development through ioPSYte® training and certification.

-         Privilege to participate in and embed oneself in a healthy evidence-based culture and future established industry expert thought-leader organization.

-         15% Monthly Recurring Commissions

-         Work from anywhere in the United States.

-         Hybrid Work: Balance between remote and in-person interactions.

-         Flextime


Distal Benefits

-         Option to pursue vocations of professional training, consulting, and researching.

-         Opportunity to lead our national Growth Advocates Division.

-         Health, Tuition, and Wealth Building benefits planned for future.


Job Description

-         Utilize ioPSYte® client flow infrastructure to procure, onboard, and participate in the integration of incoming member-clients.

-         Maintain a defined frequency of contact with member-clients, gathering client feedback regarding satisfaction and needs while providing continuous feedback data streams to executive, training, consulting, and research functions using ioPSYte® infrastructure.

-         Maintain a defined frequency of contact with non-member contacts driving awareness of ioPSYte® service offerings and benefits.

-         Continuously and iteratively define measurable F.A.S.T. growth goals.

-         Consistently achieve F.A.S.T. growth goals according to a fast-growth model.

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Coming Soon - Internships
Coming Soon - Internships