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Dr. Quinn Denny

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Hello and sincere thanks for visiting our website.

As I thought about relating the nature of our service to you, the words of one of our clients came to mind, “You’re the people wizard”. In those words, this client had succinctly summed up what we do. The client had arrived at them from their own perspective and within their own transformational experience of working with ioPSYte® ( through a team-focused partnership.

What better description of our focus than the one created by our client.  ioPSYte® “The people wizard” company, I liked it so much that I included it in our logo before Trademarking!

ioPSYte® is the value-added Team Member to help Individuals and Teams transform their work happiness and work performance.

We focus on People, we focus on Process, we focus on Transformation.

It's about integrating science and people in strategic partnership.

ioPSYte® uses evidence-based Training, Consulting and Research to help your People create greater profitability through long-term work happiness, increased performance and maximum productivity.



Training builds confidence and competence resulting in increased productivity and performance.

Training produces a return on investment by promoting confidence
and job satisfaction and reducing liabilities by limiting negligence and employee turnover.

What must be noted here is that many trainings take place in many organizations on any given day. The Science Practitioner, however, measures beforehand and after….AND measures the dependent variable (the desired result). 



We don’t know what we don’t know . . . and…we are often too immersed in our environment to approach it with our best creative innovation. 

Reasons for seeking out a Science Practitioner might be specific. It is not typically the providing of a service or product that organizations struggle with. 

Why Consulting with ioPSYte® []?
Performance and Psychology
            - Performance Management Systems
            - Professional Coaching 
            - Talent Acquisition
            - Individual & Team Personality Analysis


Basing organization strategy and effort on research drastically increases successful outcomes. What has worked for a variety of 100 organizations is more impactful than what has worked for 1 high profile person or organization.

Psychology is the study of the human psyche and behavior. Psychology is a science meaning that it is grounded in the rigor of the scientific method. Psychologists study human cognition and behavior with intelligence and control. A Science Practitioner applies the measurable science of work psychology to the workplace.